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“We never had the intention of making Wong Fu what it is today, but we know we’re very lucky and will do our best to deserve it. We believe we can have a positive influence in this industry, and on our audience…and if we can do this, then we know we’re doing something right.”

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hey what happen to you??
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sorry for not being active, i just got extremely busy with school around this time of year last year and it was like that for a while, probably until may? and i had already stopped using tumblr (even my main blog) as frequently as i had the beginning of this year so i ended up giving up. i only started using it again end of july/start of august so im planning on making a comeback if i can once the new season of wfw starts

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Wong Fu Productions Meet+Greet in London, Italian Gardens, Hyde Park 2013 - Phil Wang + Christine Chen

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More Wong Fu!
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And everything that we shared will become fragmented memories […] All that will be left will be [memories] from when this stranger was the most important person in my life.
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Ki Hong Lee in Take it Slow

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I like my stories based on reality, and you like fiction
—Wong Fu Productions, SHELL
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Sometimes, when one stray thought encounters another lost memory, it changes into something else entirely… A new idea — inspiration.
—Wong Fu Productions